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Your portable Athletic Track

Kanstet has great experience in design, manufacturing and installation of Portable running Tracks for top class competitions.
Our tracks were successfully used for:
-          IAAF World Indoor Championships 2006 in Moscow
-          EAA European Indoor Championships 2013 in Goteborg
-          IAAF World Indoor Tour 2016 Karlsruhe, Germany
-          IAAF World Indoor Championships 2016, Portland, USA

       Competition Arena of IAAF World Indoor Championship 2006

There is a plenty of good permanent running tracks around the World. However the disadvantage of these facilities is relatively small seating capacities. There are a lot of indoor halls with great number of seats as well but there are no Running Tracks in. Our Portable running Track is only solution to bring Track & Field into the buildings not originally intended for it.

Competition Arena of EAA European Indoor Championship 2013

Quick assembling within one week allows us transform your big facility to excellent indoor competition Arena. Disassembling takes no more than two days. We always modify our Tracks to make these phases even shorter. check installation here

                                     The Show is going on!

Your doubt that your building is not big enough to host IAAF Standard 200 m Running Track? Don’t worry. Please send to us just basic dimensions (length / width) for assessment and we come back to you with recommendations shortly.

As an example Arena of European Indoor Championships was raised to the height of 3 meters above the building original floor. However bends span to spectator seats. Specially designed supporting frames allowed us to assemble the track over part of amphitheater.


  What kind of design we offer?

For all kind of surfaces the most suitable it is Portable Track where the zone inside a running circle as is assembled from elements and represents a solid deck. Our design has:

  • The hot galvanized supporting frames are made from a rectangular steel profile by thickness of mm of 3 mm with adjustable “legs” that allows to level arena ideally even on not an equal floor.
  • Flooring frames, as made from the steel, zinced profile.
  • Ergonomic design of the locks allowing easily and quickly assemble elements with outstanding accuracy
  • The surface, on which your track system will be laid, is executed from strong plywood.
  • Take of boards and pole vault boxes are integrated into panels for easy and proper set up.
  • Landing pits for long and triple jump made with sand traps and hard shield covers.

                The portable infield has unic construction.

Ford Center at the Star, Frisco, Dallas, TX February 2017.

Ask for more information here. We want offer you hydraulic banked Track as well.
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