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We offer to our customers a full range of services for construction of sports facilities

-         professional line marking, IAAF Survey Report  (references) 

-         topographic survey and stake out

-         supervision of all civil work stages (earth works, stone base,
          asphalt or concrete paving)

-         installation of any of synthetic Track surface

-         installation of artificial turf and infill

-         athletic track layout and detailed drawings

design and manufacturing of Athletic portable Track

Track Layout Drawings:

AutoCAD detailed drawings of all Construction Categories according to the IAAF requirements would be issued by our engineers. All we need to know from customer is a level of athletic competition that would be hosted on your track. The DWG layout drawings of IAAF Standard 400 m Outdoor and 200 m Indoor tracks available per request.

Topographic survey and stake out:

Regardless is it reconstruction of existing facility or new track, the topographic survey creates a base of future layout and calculations of civil works value. As far as IAAF requirements allow the tolerance of the running distance length only +0,0001 x L, the proper stakeout of reference points become most important. Having valuable experience and using most sophisticated measuring equipment as Robotic Total Station, we ensure future Running Track conformity to IAAF Requirements.



As the final result of track surface installation is critically depending of sub base quality, we offer to our customer hi-tech supervision on all previous civil works stages. The result of provided technical support to other subcontractors is shortening of civil works lasting and higher quality. 



Our crews have a great experience in installation of all type surface concepts; “semi prefabricated”, “in-situ” and “roll-out products”. All known running track surface systems such as; Full PU, Sandwich and Spray coat, were been installed by our guys in different circumstances and climate conditions.  We feel and understand material’s behavior of different manufacturers.
As far as we aren’t related to any trade mark we can offer you installation of any brand.


Track line marking and survey:

As per IAAF requirements the Track length should not exceed 400,040 m and couldn’t be shorter than 400 m along the theoretical running line, the actual track line marking becomes a very delicate and complicate task. It might be done by highly skilled and experienced staff only. Our line markers already were completed a number of projects that successfully passed through IAAF Certification System.

Our line marking crews equiped by Trimble measuring instruments for survey. We use LS12, LS15 (made by SMG Gmbh.) as well as our own designed light weight portable lining machines for easy airplane travel. Our people are ready to flight any time anywhere, where high quality Line Marking is needed.

List of IAAF certified Tracks, surveyed by Kanstet Ltd.

  Date Name of the Track Country Class
14 2012.07. Municipal Stadium Ruse Bulgaria Class II
13 2012.03.05 Centro Esportivo Bernardo W.Werner, Blumenau Brazil Class II
12 2012.01.29      
11 2011.12.19 District Stadium, Belgaum, Katnataka State India Class II
10 2011.12.19 Sportcomplex Pravets, Pravets Bulgaria Class II
9 2011.11.29 Hrubieszowski Osrodek Sportu i Rekriacii, Hrubieszow Poland Class II
8 2011.09.21 Onakke Obavva Stadium, Chitradurga India Class II
7 2011.05.20 ZOC, Jelgava Latvia Class II
6 2011.05.18 Kudige, Kushalnagar, Katnataka State India Class II
5 2010.03.10 Nnamdi Azikiwe, Enugu Nigeria Class II
4 2009.10.20 COS, Zakopane Poland Class II
3 2009.07.14 Darius ir Gereno Stadium, Kaunas Lithuania Class II
2 2007.03.06 CSKA Indoor Track, Moscow Russia Indoor
1 2005.06.06
Darius ir Gereno Stadium, Kaunas
Lithuania Class II

List of IAAF Certified facilities available on IAAF website. Click here.

Our current line markings Reference List is:  71 Running Track for more than 17 customers in 13 countries around the Globe.

Nr Date/Year Country City/ facility Name Customer Certified
71 2012 Bulgaria Ruse EasyBuiuld IAAF
70 2011 Poland Hrubieszow Tamex IAAF
69 2011 Bulgaria Pravets EasyBuiuld IAAF
68 2011 Israel Jerusalem Aqua System Control  
67 2011 Lithuania Panevezis UAB Baltic Sport  
66 2011 Lithuania Kalvaliai UAB Baltic Sport  
65 2011 Lithuania Visalauke UAB Baltic Sport  
64 2011 Latvia Kekava SIA Reaton  
63 2011 Nigeria Akure Nordic Sport AB  
62 2011 India Gadag F & T International  
61 2011 Poland Brzeg Tamex  
60 2011 India Belgaum F & T International IAAF
59 2011 Denmark Ballerup SCI, Germany  
58 2011 Lithuania Babtai UAB Baltic Sport  
57 2011 Nigeria Benin City Wast International  
56 2011 India Chitradurga F & T International IAAF
55 2011 India Kushalnagar F & T International IAAF
54 2011 Estonia Kernu Nordic Sport Eesti  
53 2011 Estonia Uhtna Nordic Sport Eesti  
52 2010 Lithuania Alytus UAB Baltic Sport  
51 2010 Bulgaria Varna M-Sport  
50 2010 Bulgaria Triavna M-Sport  
49 2010 Lithuania Druskininkai UAB Baltik Sport  
48 2010 Latvia Jelgava SIA Kanstet, Latvia IAAF
47 2010 Poland Pulawy Tamex  
46 2010 Kazakhstan Alma-Ata Nordic Sport Eesti IAAF
45 2010 Lithuania Birzai UAB Baltik Sport  
44 2010 Lithuania Radviliskis UAB Fortera  
43 2010 Estonia Tapa School Track Own Project  
42 2010 Estonia Toila School Track    
41 2010 Estonia Koigi Nordic Sport Eesti  
40 2010 Estonia Tehvandi OÜ Spolemann  
39 2009 Lithuania Kaunas, EM 21 UAB Baltik Sport IAAF
38 2009 Nigeria Enugu Wast International IAAF
37 2009 Nigeria Nsukka Wast International  
36 2009 Poland Zakopane Tamex IAAF
35 2009 Poland Sandomierz Tamex  
34 2009 Estonia Viljandi Polytan  
33 2009 Latvia Jaunkalsnava SIA Gummimix  
32 2009 Iraq Duhok Nordic Sport Eesti  
31 2009 Latvia Ogre SIA Sporthalle  
30 2009 Iraq Baghdad Nordic Sport Eesti  
29 2009 Latvia Olaine SIA Gummimix  
28 2009 Estonia Peetriküla Nordic Sport Eesti  
27 2009 Estonia Kurtna Nordic Sport Eesti  
26 2009 Estonia Rocca-al-mare Gymnasium Nordic Sport Eesti  
25 2009 Russia Pushkin Contract Stroy  
24 2009 Latvia Vecvarkava    
23 2009 Latvia Liivani    
22 2008 Russia Adler Own project  
21 2008 Latvia Riga, Sport Academy Own project  
20 2007 Lithuania Panevezis    
19 2007 Lithuania Shilute    
18 2007 Lithuania Sauliai    
17 2007 Lithuania Jekabpils    
16 2007 Russia Kursk Own project  
15 2007 Lithuania Ignalina Polytan  
14 2006 Russia Moscow Indoor World Champ Own project IAAF
13 2006 Latvia Valmiera Own project  
12 2006 Estonia Valka Own project  
11 2006 Latvia Rezekne Own project  
10 2006 Latvia Riga Indoor Own project  
9 2006 Latvia Jekabpils Indoor Own project  
8 2005 Russia Gubkin Indoor Own project  
7 2005 Russia Omsk Indoor Own project  
6 2005 Latvia Murjani Own project  
5 2005 Lithuania Kaunas Darius&Gireno Own project IAAF
4 2004 Lithuania Klaipeda Own project  
3 2004 Ukraine Artek Own project  
2 2004 Ukraine Yevpatoria Own project  
1 2004 Lithuania Vilnius Own project  


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